Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Coloring Pages

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Coloring Pages
Anakin Podracer
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Rovio once again never get enough to surprise angry birds fan with this new angry birds star wars 2.

Every new version from this game there is always something new, something different that would make us, wow ! they never stoped to create.

 It seem like Rovio crew have a bank of creativity so they cannot lack the ideas to brighten the world of angry birds.

The first angry birds star wars that released last november has reach 100 million times. I think that enough to be in the next world record for this kind of game. This new story is not far from the first. Still in space and figthing pig. But the new character is added to heat up the game to make more exciting to play.

And for the first time in angry bird world. On this game Rovio intoroduce the new "Telepod". This Telepod is quite like Skylanders portal, it able to scan and import characters into the main game.

One of the many character we will have is Qui Gon jin ,equipped with green light saber this great Jedi will help you destroy who ever enemies that brave enough to challenge you.

Angry birds star wars 2 have many different kind of telepods, like this one .Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Jedi Vs. Sith Multi-Pack. Inside it are 6 character, good and bad side included. Yoda, who has the greatest wisdom and Master of light saber skill. Anakin Skywalker the chosen that will bring down Sith. And Qui-Gon Jinn Bird. And enemies from the othr side there's Emperor Palpatine, General Grievous and exclusive Darth Maul Pig figures.

And on the right ..Here come Star Destroyer we must destroy it before they destroy us. Let's set the slingshot and pick the birds to shoot. Chose between Capt.; Panaka, Jedi Youngling, Anakin Skywalker (Pod racer), Padme Amidala and Luke Skywalker (Jedi). Wich of them could destroy that ship.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Coloring Pages

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