Fryno Skylander Swap Foce Coloring Pages

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Before start to color this Fryno coloring page let us read the story why Fryno became a Skylander Swap Force shal we.It was fun enjoying freedom and feel the air that is what Fryno skylanders feel while riding his bike with his notorious biker gang called  Blazing Biker Brigade. He would spent all day with his gang until one day he found out the bad thing about his biker gang.

Unfortunately, his gang is full villain who responsible for a lot of burglar crime in skyland. Knowing that the gang is full of dishonesty, he stood up and ending fighting his own gang and demand that they make amends for the wrong they had done. The battle was fiercesome and Fryno win. But the gang lost all the item that have been stolen, that is why Fryno took a journey to find all the valuable item and for that he meet Master Eon who impressed by his good deed and magnificent fighting abilities.

Skylander Swap Force Fryno Coloring Pages

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