Monster High Toralei Close Up

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Monster High Toralei a cat with an orange look. Sometime with her cat's  attitude, she became very naughty cat. But deep inside, she has a warm hearth and like helping people who need. I think Toralei is Calico cat type . Because her stripe and spot are similiar with calico cat type. Her leather jacket make her look so mysterious. Maybe is she wear another clothe the softer side of toralei will always appear. Who knows... Happy coloring.

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iMAGE bY RoxanneStein
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Toralei Colouring Pages
Toralei Colouring Pages2

The Picture Frame For above Image can be found HERE

Posted by: Aria
KIDSCOLORINGFUN, Updated at: 07:49
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